Four Questions to Answer Before You Buy Your Own Scuba Gear

Four Questions to Answer Before You Buy Your Own Scuba Gear

Now that you decided that you want to take up scuba diving on a more regular basis, you must determine whether you should buy or rent your scuba gear. It is an essential question every scuba enthusiast must ask themselves, and multiple factors go into making this personal decision. Some of the questions you need to answer for yourself before committing to buying your scuba gear include the following: 

How Often Am I Going to Be Diving?

For soon-to-be scuba enthusiasts, the question of “How often am I going to be diving?” is a vital one to address. When you begin planning multiple dives throughout the year, you begin to see how quickly the cost of renting equipment for each trip adds up. Making the initial investment to buy your own scuba gear helps eliminate the need for this type of long-term expenditure. 

How Often is Rental Gear Inspected?

For scuba diving, you want to ensure that the gear you are using has been thoroughly inspected and meets the highest safety standards. While most scuba gear rental centers perform routine maintenance and safety checks on all of their equipment, you may feel more comfortable over the long haul knowing everything is in working condition and serviced. Being able to perform the routine maintenance that keeps your gear in good working condition any time you want makes owning your equipment more advantageous to renting gear for each dive. 

What About Previous Renters?

In the age of COVID-19 and an increased focus on sanitation, divers are becoming more mindful of how many people may use a set of rented equipment at a given location. While safety and cleaning procedures have been implemented, you may want to have the peace of mind that you are the only one to have used your gear. That’s where the clear advantage goes to owning your equipment. 

Do You Have the Storage Space?

When you first rent scuba gear, you do not necessarily know how much space in your vehicle the gear is going to take up. You may have a general idea, but when you rent the equipment and try to figure out the logistics of transporting it to your destination, things can get dicey. With having your own scuba gear, you can plan out exactly how everything fits into your car, and later your boat, before you head out for your next trip. The peace of mind you gain from being able to properly plan out each stage of your trip without any added anxiety about the unknowns that come with renting your scuba gear makes purchasing your own equipment worth it.

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