How Important Are Save-A-Dive Kits?

How Important Are Save-A-Dive Kits?

Every dive presents its own unique set of challenges. From planning and booking the trip itself to ensuring your gear is ready to go, multiple factors go into a good dive. However, during the preparation process, there are times when some things fall through the cracks, and you do not realize a problem exists until you get into the boat and are about ready to dive. Under normal circumstances, once you are in the boat and an issue comes up with your gear, if you do not have a spare set on board, you aren’t diving that day. However, with a well-stocked Save-A-Dive kit, you can salvage your dive and get back in the water as soon as possible!

Components of a Save-A-Dive Kit

While you cannot foresee every potential problem that may arise right before a dive, you can have a Save-A-Dive kit built and ready to go to cover a wide range of scenarios. Scubadelphia Diveseekers has kits for a variety of needs, including for replacing broken O-rings. O-rings are used in almost every connection, and having a stocked Save-A-Dive kit specifically for your O-rings helps to keep you in the water. For those using drysuits, you want your Save-A-Dive kit to include replacement seals.

No Save-A-Dive kit is complete without assorted multi-tools and full tool kits to bring on your dives. Be sure to keep tools such as spare bolt snaps and other hardware handy, as well as replacement hoses. A fully stocked tool kit will help you make those quick fixes to your gear that get you back into the water without having to reschedule the dive and head back to shore. 

When Do You Replenish Your Save-A-Dive Kit?

While some components of your Save-A-Dive kit do not need replenishing as often, you still want to make sure that your O-ring reserves are ready to go. Before you go out for any dives, make sure that you have enough backup O-rings in your kit to cover all of your gear’s components that require an O-ring. Check the valves and hoses of the various elements in your Save-A-Dive kit for any leaks or damage that can hinder performance and replace these components as needed. 

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