How to Choose the Right Dive Mask Lenses

How to Choose the Right Dive Mask Lenses

You might feel confused by the different kinds of masks available the first time you walk into a scuba diving shop. There are single-lens options, double lens options, and a whole host of features and price tags that might make you wonder, “What’s the actual difference between these?”

In a lot of ways, picking a new dive mask is simple, because the process itself is straightforward and can take about five minutes if you know what you’re looking for. However, there is one issue that might be confusing: Choosing between a single lens dive mask or a double lens one. Here’s what you should know about these two fundamental types of masks:

Single vs. Double Lens Masks

A single lens dive mask differs from a double lens dive mask in one key characteristic. The single lens mask has only one unbroken piece of tempered glass, while a double lens mask has two sections separated by a silicone nose bridge.

Single lens masks, which tend to be known as “low-volume” masks, were among the earliest kinds of dive masks, and can give you a wider field of vision. Dive masks with one lens instead are also easier to clear if it gets flooded and easier to equalize. However, they are a little less malleable when it comes to accommodating certain kinds of face shapes.

By contrast, double lens masks offer a lot more flexibility in terms of shape and customization. Further, because of the nature of the lenses being split, double lens masks are the only kind that can accommodate corrective lenses.

The Role of Prescription Lenses

If you wear glasses or require bifocals, having corrective lenses available can make seeing during the dive a more comfortable experience. Some people choose to use contact lenses to fulfill this need, but if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of wearing contacts for long periods while you’re diving, then that’s where the double lens dive mask can be beneficial.

Makers of dive equipment have created systems that allow people who wear glasses to still enjoy the underwater scenery. You can get both pre-made lenses as well as lenses customized to your specific needs. However, in either case, it’s almost impossible to have the lenses installed on anything but a double lens mask since they offer the highest amount of customizability when it comes to corrective vision.

Barring the need for prescription lenses, though, which lens structure you prefer is really up to your personal preference. If you want to know more, the Scubadelphia Diveseekers team has helped dozens of interested divers navigate the waters of choosing the right mask. Give us a call today to learn more!

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