• Cressi Pro Light Fins

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    These highly responsive blades are also very lightweight, and a great choice for traveling divers who want an open-heel fin. The dual-material blade balances power with kicking co...
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  • HOG Tech 2 Fins

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    Hog Tech 2 Fins For divers that prefer a rigid rubber fin. The stainless steel strapĀ makes for easy on and off. One of the Shortest fins of its kindĀ for maneuverability. ...
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  • Jet Sport Fins

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    Jet Sport is a powerful and high performing blade fin, perfect for all divers. Technical Information Big blade for a truly powerful response in the water. Drag reducing vents ...
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  • ScubaPro Jet Fin W/ Spring Strap

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    SCUBAPRO's JET FIN is famous. This distinctive fin design set the standard for power and durability when it was first introduced 50 years ago. Its durable rubber construction and b...
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  • ScubaPro Seawing Nova (Copy)

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    When a product hits the market sporting a design that is truly cutting-edge, the world takes notice. Such is the case with SCUBAPRO's SEAWING NOVA. It has won Popular Science magaz...
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  • ScubaPro Twin Jet Max

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    A well-designed split fin is fast and maneuverable, enabling you to cover a lot of ground without cramping leg muscles or straining ankles. Less energy expended means less air cons...
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