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Photo of - Dive Charter to the wreck of the San Saba September 9, 2023 - Scubadelphia

Dive Charter to the wreck of the San Saba September 9, 2023

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Product Code: NJW-090923
Manufacturer: Gypsy Blood

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  • Date: September 9, 2023
  • Depth: 80'
  • Dive Boat: Gypsy Blood
  • Max Divers: 14
  • 2 Dives
  • Departing from (Use for GPS) 1 Saint Louis Ave, Point Pleasant Beach NJ 08742
  • Departure Time: 6:00 am sharp

Scubadelphia is limited to a specific amount divers per charter. Charters do fill up quickly, first come first serve policy. Reservations require full payment for your charter.

Once you reserve a space you are responsible for the full price of the charter, unless the space can be filled.

* Divers must be Advanced Open Water Certified & must carry a redundant air source.
* Cold water experience required
* Solo Diving is permitted for Recreational Diving only if you hold the proper certification.

Special Note To Divers - Times listed are actual departure times. Hint Hint, to reduce unnecessary stress and anxiety before diving, arrive a half-hour to forty-five minutes prior to departure. If not, the boat will leave without you! Enjoy your dives!!!!

Ship's Name  San Saba
Type Shipwreck, Freighter, USA


1879, Chester PA USA, as Colorado




Being a hazard to navigation, the iron hulled San Saba was demolished a week after sinking. Today she sits in 80 ft of water in two mangled pieces of wreckage. The bow section is a jumble of hull plates, with winches and other machinery still visible. The stern section, some 250 ft away is also broken up. The boilers are still visible at the end closest to the bow. Her propeller can still be found, as well as wreckage off to the starboard side. Many artifacts can still be found. Glassware, brass, .22 caliber bullets, and china are still being brought up with a little digging. The San Saba is sometimes called the "Southwest Barge", or the "Magnolia Wreck", for the anti-friction metal bars she was carrying. 


Specs ( 306 ft x 39 ft ) 2458 gross tons, 37 crew
Depths 80 ft max 
   Friday October 4, 1918
Struck mine laid by U-117 - 30 casualties