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Blue Steel Inline Rebreather Valve Green Handle

Blue Steel Inline Rebreather Valve Green Handle

Product Code: 18040-GH
Manufacturer: Blue Steel
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Blue Steel T-Valve for Inspiration, Evolution and Revo Rebreathers

Inline Rebreather Valve Green Handle
Specifically designed for Rebreather cylinders, Blue Steel's new inline valve offers a Low Profile design with easy handwheel access to meet compact Rebreather design requirements. With built in "Bump Guard" to help absorb impact stress and enhance handwheel clearance, valves are constructed of rugged brass with chrome plated finish for durability and Oxygen compatible components and lubricants.

This is the new Blue Steel T-Valve. T-Valves are commonly used on Inspiration rebreathers. The valves have the bump guard on the bottom just like the original ones that come with your Inspiration Rebreather. These are your standard ¾ valves that fit aluminum tanks and steels.

  • Oxygen Compatible Components
  • Oxygen Lubricants
  • 200 Bar DIN Outlet
  • 3/4" NPSM Inlet Thread
  • "Bump Guard"
  • Burst Disk Service Pressure 2400 PSI or 3442 PSI
  • Burst Disk Rupture Pressure 4000 PSI or 5250 PSI
  • Shrouded Safety Device
  • Handwheel: Black or Green