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Image Of - Aqua Lung Brotula PSD BCD

Aqua Lung Brotula PSD BCD

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Product Code: 394192
Special Info: Can only be shipped to a US address
Manufacturer: Aqua Lung PSD
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Made In: Mexico

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• Single bag Armoguard material provides more abrasion
protection than CORDURA®
• Fast drying
• Resists bacterial growth
• Swivel buckle shoulder straps for comfort
• Heavy duty breakaway carabiners
• Six bent steel D-rings
• Removable back pad
• Easy to clean
• WTX, K inflator, with pull dump
• Double pull zippered pockets on each side
• Optional removable SureLock™II weight system
• Two non-ditchable weight pockets located on tank band
• Three pull dumps, two front and one rear