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Fourthelement Xerotherm XT250 Bottoms

Fourthelement Xerotherm XT250 Bottoms

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Manufacturer: fourthelement
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The Xerotherm is the ultimate base layer for use under a drysuit. Made using Polartec Powerstretch which was originally developed for NASA

The Xerotherm is the ultimate base layer for use under a drysuit. Made using Polartec® Powerstretch® which was originally developed for NASA, the Xerotherm traps a layer of air - a much better insulator than water - next to the skin, keeping the wearer drier and more comfortable.

Designed to be worn under a padded undersuit or on its own under a crushed neoprene drysuit, it provides astonishing warmth without contributing to bulk.

Photo shows Doug Allan, award winning underwater film maker, wearing Xerotherm on location in Svalbard Norway.


the Xerotherm is the ultimate base layer system for dry suit diving. Designed for versatility it can be used either on its own underneath neoprene drysuits or under a Xerotherm Arctic or other undersuit, with membrane and trilaminate suits.


constructed from a specialised PolartecÆ fabric originally developed for NASA, the unique knit and construction makes Xerotherm the most effective next to the skin garment for ensuring warmth and comfort in demanding environmental conditions.


the Xerotherm is made from the fastest wicking fabric in existence. Moisture is moved away from the skin by the fibres of the material and is prevented from contacting the skin. Air, which is a far superior insulator, is held at the skin's surface. This dramatically reduces conductive heat loss from the body.


Unique fabric structure and content provides an abrasion resistant outer, which vastly prolongs the life of the garments.


The Xerotherm gives unrivalled freedom of movement through all-directional stretch, making the wearer more comfortable and able to carry out their diving procedures without restriction.


worn under membrane suits, as a base layer beneath existing thermal protection, such as a Xerotherm Arctic, the Xerotherm significantly improves a diver's warmth and comfort.

Under neoprene drysuits the low volume, high thermal performance of the Xerotherm provides outstanding protection without loss of freedom of movement.

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