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Image Of - Halcyon Carbon Fiber Pro Backplate With Harness

Halcyon Carbon Fiber Pro Backplate With Harness

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Product Code: 10.016.101
Manufacturer: Halcyon
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Made In: USA
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Want to travel light but still have the convenient features you've come to love in diving a backplate, harness and wing combination?

  • 0.54 KG / 1.2 LB (standard size) (without harness)
  • 30.48 CM (width at bottom) X 39.3 CM or 12 IN (width at bottom) X 15.5 IN (standard dimensions)
  • 0.45 KG / 1 LB (small size) (without harness)
  • 26.67 CM (width at bottom) X 36.2 CM or 10.5 IN (width at bottom)  X 14.25 IN (small dimensions)Built in Cinch™ system and Single Tank Adapter, STA on the STANDARD Carbon Fiber Pro backplate
  • Built in Cinch™ system on the SMALL Carbon Fiber Pro backplate
  • Utility holes allow mating with MC Storage Pak to stow a variety of lift devices as well as the small Halcyon drysuit inflation kit

Carefully milled surfaces eliminate sharp edges