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How to Identify A Good Dive Computer

When you’re figuring out how to best outfit yourself for your next dive, you’ll want to decide what kind of dive computer you wish to use. With various options on the market, knowing the brands, styles, and preferred functions of each wrist computer will help you decide which kind will best suit your needs. The following infographic covers some of the things you want to consider when purchasing a dive computer: 

Infographic outlining qualities you can find in dive computers

Wrist Mounted Dive Computers

When you go on your next dive, the information you need to navigate your dive needs to be easily accessible. Finding ways to have that information given to you without taking up too much valuable real estate is key, as you still want to have as much room to maneuver unencumbered as possible. With a wrist-mounted dive computer from Shearwater, you’ll have access to vital information about your current dive. Sporting a full-color display, your Shearwater computer will help keep you informed in the darkest of environments.

More Than One Way To Make a Wrist Mounted Computer  

Every diver will have different preferences for how they like their dive computers. The way the information is shown, the display sizes, and how they are mounted all play a part in picking the right dive computer for your needs. With the Scubapro G2 Console computer, you have a more stylish and highly functional option at your disposal. The G2 console sports a familiar cellphone style screen with a full colorized display relaying all of the information you need in real-time. The technology inside this dive computer (along with all others) calculates an accurate bottom time you have remaining before you have to surface. The algorithms also provide you with a wealth of information to make your descent and ascent go as smoothly as possible. 

You Can Even Have a Hands-Free Option

Shearwater offers the NERD2 hands-free dive computer for divers that want full use of their hands during the dive. By mounting these computers on your regulator or mask, you receive a near eye-level look at the pertinent dive information. The placement of the NERD2 allows divers to be a quick glance away from knowing what they need to know about their current situation. 

The NERD2 combines a micro LCD display with a magnifying glass to show you the essential data in a manner that makes it seem like you’re viewing on a 25 inch TV from up to 12 feet away! 

No matter what type of dive computer you plan on investing in, you can find the perfect one to meet your needs at Scubadelphia Diveseekers! From basic scuba diving gear to gear that benefits seasoned divers, our inventory has something for every diver. Browse through our selection of dive computers and learn how we can help make your next dive the best it can!