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Meet the Team

Melissa Barnes

Melissa Barnes has been diving since 2007. She is an architect during the day and moonlights as an Instructor. She assists with classes and runs our Refresher course for rusty divers. Melissa also enjoys traveling, watching the Phillies and Flyers and playing softball and football when not in the water.

Dave Barnes

Dave Barnes is a proud member of Glaziers Local 252 and District Council 21. He has been diving since 1995. Dave is a PADI Course Director and teaches beginner scuba through instructor levels. When he’s not diving, Dave also enjoys flying airplanes, watching the Phillies and Flyers and traveling.

Obie & Owen

Obie (left) is the shop Guard Dog. His main job is to make people smile. When he isn’t working he loves to play fetch and bounce balloons off of his nose. Obie is the highest paid member of our staff. Owen (right) is the newest member of our staff. His main job is to greet people at the door. He enjoys sleeping in the sun and stealing toys from Obie when he has some down time from work


Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Tec Deep Instructor and Tec Trimix Instructor. A frequent diver in Central and South America, he loves diving and wants to introduce others to the awesome adventures of the deep. When not diving, he has a regular day job of Investment Portfolio Management.


Divemaster. During a trip to Key Largo, Erik unexpectedly discovered a passion for diving. Before then, he had not been swimming in any kind of water for more than a decade. Certified by Scubadelphia, Erik’s been able to combine his career in cinema with his love of diving by working as an underwater videographer for Spyhopper Media. Erik is known to ask a lot of hard questions, and he has a parrot that speaks Taiwanese. He is also full cave certified.


Divemaster. Originally from the Bronx, NY, where there wasn’t a large need for scuba divers. My scuba adventure began in 1981 and I’ve been lucky enough to dive many parts of the planet; from California to Australia, Cape Cod to the Caribbean and a few places in between.


Instructor. I’ve been a certified diver since I was 16, OW, Rescue, Advanced, Nitrox. I’m an assistant instructor and hope to get my instructor cert within the next year. I’m a retired Navy Veteran (submarines), married, a father and have four beautiful granddaughters.


Divemaster. Don is all about deep sea spearfishing and lobster picking. His most entertaining dives have been at North Carolina’s Outerbanks, Disney’s Epcot Center, and Bermuda.


Assistant Instructor. I first tried Scuba many years ago, while vacationing in the warm Caribbean. Immediately, I fell in love with the freedom offered by this sport. The beauty and the exhilaration of underwater exploration inspired me to share my passion with others. My goal is to guide beginners unfamiliar with the sport, so that Scuba becomes their favorite life-long hobby.” Victor is a Russian speaking Assistant Instructor.


Assistant instructor. He became a certified diver at the age of 17. Key west is where Tyler earned his Divermaster. However, he also enjoys ice diving in the winter. Tyler is an industrial welder and has fun creating metal works. His favorite activity is exploring the oceans.


Instructor. Jerry started diving in 2012 while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. He has found a passion for teaching others how to scuba dive and hope everyone will find as much enjoyment in the sport as he does. When not diving, he devotes his time to public safety, and hopes he can intertwine the two passions soon.