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Service Department

Scubadelphia Maintenance and Repair Services
Service of your life support equipment ensures it will last a life time.
Scubadelphia technicians are manufacture trained and certified and have years of experience servicing life support equipment.

    All equipment is:
    • Pre-tested before servicing.
    • Serviced with original manufacturer parts.
    • Externally inspected for wear and damage.
    • Cleaned and made as like new as possible.
    • Setup and adjusted to manufacturer specifications.
    • Wet/ leak tested.
    • All warranty paperwork submitted if under current warranty.

    Brands We Provide Service For:

    Scubadelphia provides warranty and non-warranty service for the following brands of scuba gear:

    Apeks, Aqua Lung, Atomic, Cressi, Dive Rite, Genesis, Halcyon, Hollis, Mares, Oceanic, Ocean Technology Systems (OTS), Scubapro, Sherwood, Spare Air, US Divers, XS Scuba

    Regulators and BCD's
    Regulators $25 per stage
    Annual BCD $45
    Annual BCD w/ Air 2 $70
    Gauges swivels and qd hoses $15
    O2 Cleaning per section $25.00 (During service and on manufacture approved regulators only)
    Parts not included

    VIP/Air Fill cylinders $25.00
    Hydro cylinders $25.00
    Doubles Disassemble/Assembly $25.00
    O2 Clean tank and valve $50.00 (Approved brands only)
    Parts not included

    Computers and watches
    Battery replacement $20.00 (plus battery)
    Limited to dealer/user replaceable batteries only
    Factory service available for others as well

    Drysuit & wetsuit repairs
    Leak test $60.00
    Patches $15.00ea
    Wrist seals (pair) $70.00 (plus seals)
    Neck seal $75.00 (plus seals)
    Boots (glued and sewn) $125.00 (plus boots)
    Neoprene Socks (glued and sewn) $125.00 (plus socks)
    Latex Socks (pair) $70.00 (plus socks)
    Zipper replacement $200.00 (plus zipper)
    Install pocket $50.00 (glued and sewn) pocket not included
    Neck Rings $135.00 (plus Sitech Quick neck system)
    Wrist rings $150.00 (plus system) various Sitech options available, Santi Smart Seals (Santi Suits only)
    P-Valve installation $25.00
    Wetsuits patched $10.00 and up

    All repairs done in house
    We are a SANTI factory trained service center.


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