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Outfitting You for Your Next Cold Water Dive

While most people believe the only time of year you can enjoy a dive is during the summer months, diving in the winter and colder waters can provide similar thrills. However, those looking to engage in cold water diving should know what to expect and properly outfit themselves to enjoy the experience. 

The scuba gear you need for a cold water dive differs from one in warmer water in significant ways. Understanding the unique features you need from cold water diving gear will help make your next dive experience one you can enjoy without fail. 

The Right Exposure Protection

Cold water dives present unique challenges to even the most experienced divers looking to test themselves. Every dive starts with the right equipment to handle the job, which includes exposure protection. While you may think your long-sleeved wetsuit may provide adequate protection from the colder elements, most cold water dives require additional protection. 

A drysuit can provide cold water divers with additional protection and heat detection to make their next dive go smoothly. The primary function of a drysuit in these cold-water dives revolves around helping you retain as much body heat as possible. Drysuits offer divers layers of protection from the colder temperatures, along with more space between the skin and the drysuit to put on additional undergarment layers to improve your heat retention. 

Inspecting Your Gear

Diving in cold dive sites presents unique challenges. Ensuring your scuba diving gear is ready for the harsher conditions can help you better enjoy your night dives, ice diving, and other cold-weather adventures. Before scheduling your next dive, take a minute to inspect your scuba equipment. 

Having your gear routinely inspected helps you have the utmost confidence in your gear moving into the following stages of your dive. Everything from your scuba tank, dive computers, masks, and even dive lights should receive an inspection before making your next cold water dive. Ensuring each piece of equipment is ready to go will ensure your next dive goes off without a hitch. 

Replace or Upgrade Your Gear

Throughout the course of your gear inspections lies the chance that you may need to completely replace specific pieces of equipment, or you may simply want to upgrade to a newer model. With the right service, you can find the best gear on the market for reasonable prices and get the latest and up-to-date scuba equipment on the market. 

Dive Computers

Wrist-mounted dive computers provide you with a wealth of information that ensures you have the best dive possible. From gauging water temperature to tracking your depth and air supply, having a reliable dive computer can make your next diving experience as enjoyable as possible. Finding one that fits your needs and your budget, like a Perdix dive computer, is easier than ever with the help of Scubadelphia Diveseekers’ regularly updated inventory. 

Air Tanks

Ensuring you have the air supply you need to achieve your diving goals remains an integral part of your preparation. With this in mind, a crucial part of your dive prep is checking your air tank to see if it is equipped for cold water diving. If you need a tank with greater capacity, taking the time to figure out how the added weight will affect your setup and properly compensating for it can make or break your diving experience. 

Diving Lights

Keeping yourself oriented during a dive ensures you know where you need to go during a dive and which way to go if you need to make a quick exit. If the lighting conditions during your dive include low-light scenarios, finding your way out of these situations can become tricky. Having an array of primary and secondary light sources can help make your diving experience a smooth experience and keep you moving in the right direction. 

Come to Scubadelphia Diveseekers for Your Cold Water Dive Needs

Your next cold water dive should be one that you fondly remember and prompts you to plan your next one. Taking the time to ensure you made the right preparations and have the appropriate gear on hand can help make your entire diving experience one that you can cherish and look forward to each winter. 

Scubadelphia Diveseekers has the inventory, knowledge, and experience to help you properly prepare for your upcoming cold water dive. Browse through our inventory to find the equipment you need for your next cold water adventure!