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So you want to learn to dive....

People email and call us all the time with questions on where to start their scuba career. I have put together this 6 minute video showing you exactly what I show to new students who come into the store. And the best way to get started is to come into the store so we can meet you, find a schedule that works best for your busy schedule and fit you for the proper gear you will soon use to get your certification. Here is the link to the video:

Learning to dive in Philadelphia and South Jersey is actually pretty easy. We have a fully stocked store with an on-site classroom and our pool is about a 15 minute ride closer to center city Philly. Public transportation can drop you in front of the shop if you don't drive. We do our certification dives at a Scuba lake in Bethlehem, PA about an hour away from Northeast Philly. You can camp there or get a motel room for the weekend. (4 dives are done over Saturday and Sunday) Please call us if you are interested in signing up or stop in to begin your diving adventure!

We can also certify you on a trip to places like Bonaire, Utila, Cozumel or even Canada! We do Ice Diving at Bainbridge Quarry in the winter. We love diving all year!