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The Advantages of Using a Dive Computer

Divers implement a wide array of equipment to ensure that their underwater trip is safe, including the usage of dive computers. But what is a dive computer, and why are they so helpful for divers? Diving computers take depth and time information and use it to keep track of dissolved nitrogen in the diver's body. However, they can assist scuba diving excursions in many other ways depending on the brand. Let's review five of the benefits of using a dive computer and how they can contribute to a diving experience.

Improved Safety

What is a dive computer? No matter what answers divers provide, they'll all have one thing in common — improved safety. Using a diving computer will enhance your underwater safety in a variety of ways, such as providing accuracy. By tracking various aspects of your dive, like non-decompression time, you'll have a much greater understanding of important data. Using a dive computer eliminates the possibility of misreading dive tables, incorrectly working out pressure groups, and other forms of human error that could be a threat to safety.

In addition to improving accuracy, diving computers also promote safety by creating warnings. These alerts can let divers know if they reach a certain depth, are underwater for too long, or if they ascend too quickly. These warnings can be audible and easily heard — meaning divers won't miss any important safety alerts — they can also provide warning vibrations for additional awareness.

Monitoring Your Dive Time

If you're wondering what a dive computer is used for, then you'll be met with multiple answers. Diving computers monitor multiple aspects of your underwater excursion and provide reliable information, including the speed of your ascent and other pertinent safety data. A dive computer can also convey information regarding oxygen and air pressure, providing divers with a convenient and quick way to see their current air consumption and depth.

Tracking and Creating a Dive Profile

The data tracked by dive computers can be saved and stored for future reference and analysis. By connecting a diving computer to a laptop or other device, individuals can transfer their diving data to a digital space. Keeping a dive log electronically on a computer is much more convenient than writing it down on paper.

Easy to Read and Use

Because a dive computer does a lot of the work on its own, it's easier to use compared to other devices. From tracking to monitoring and sending out safety warnings, it takes care of numerous aspects of your dive so you can make the most of your time underwater. Gone are the days of planning out a complicated dive table on your own and keeping track of essential information — with the help of a computer, the process becomes a lot easier.

Small and Portable

Given how many functions and features they offer, a certain question may have entered your mind — what is a dive computer's size? Diving computers are actually quite small, which is another one of their many advantages. Their portable size makes them easy to carry with you on the go and when traveling, as well as offers flexible storage options.

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