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What Accessories Should I Bring Scuba Diving?

What is the best scuba diving gear available? This question is complicated, as there are a wide assortment of accessories and gear that are necessary to make your diving experience safe and enjoyable. Apart from essential equipment like first aid kits, there are a variety of other accessories that you should consider bringing on your scuba diving trips. Let's look at four kinds of must-have scuba accessories and why they're worth having with you.

A Dive Knife or Shear

While you might initially believe that diving knives aren't must-have scuba accessories, they can be incredibly useful in certain circumstances. For example, you might accidentally get caught in fishing lines, nets, or other entangling obstacles during your underwater excursion. Breaking free can be difficult without the help of a sharp tool like a dive knife. Many, like the Halcyon Explorer Knife, are lightweight and easy to carry around when diving. If you find that the serrated edge of a diving knife is too much, then other tools like shears can serve a similar purpose. Additionally, don't forget to bring along a knife holder to safely carry it while sheathed.

Surface Signaling Equipment

Equipment that can be used to create signals on the surface are other must-have scuba accessories you should keep an eye out for. These accessories are incredibly helpful in case you need to capture the attention of others and let them know you need assistance. One common surface signaling device is the safety sausage, which can be effortlessly inflated and deflated when it's needed. Their bright colors offer maximum visibility so that they can be easily seen from a distance. It's also useful to have an auditory form of signaling at your disposal so that you can be heard from a distance. Whistles serve this purpose very well and allow you to quickly alert others to your location.

Clips and Belt Slides

No matter what the best scuba diving gear is, you won't want it to get in the way of your dive. By using clips and belt slides, you can have the means to lock your gear and d-rings in place, respectively. Not only will this prevent your accessories from swinging around in front of you, but it secures them firmly in place, so they don't sink to the depths of the ocean floor. Consider buying clips and belt sides that are made with resilient materials like stainless steel that are designed for usage in saltwater.

Gear Bags

Even if you don't take it with you into the water, gear bags are still must-have scuba accessories for any diver. Rather than carry your scuba belongings around in the open, gear bags improve the portability of your gear by giving you a safe place to store them during travel. Gear bags also serve an organizational function as well, allowing you to keep all of your diving equipment neatly in one place. There are also a wide range of gear bag options available, such as duffel, luggage, or mesh. Additionally, divers can choose from multiple different sizes so that they can find one spacious enough to keep all their accessories.

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