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What You Need to Know When Upgrading Your Regulators This Spring

With the diving season right around the corner, now is the time to inspect your equipment and determine if you need upgrades in any one area. An essential piece of equipment that should require your attention comes in the form of your regulators. You have questions about this crucial piece of your scuba gear, Scubadelphia Diveseekers is here to help!

How Does a Regulator Work?

The regulator's primary function revolves around delivering the air stored in your tank to your lungs and allowing you to dive. There are two separate stages involved in this process, and you want to ensure that your equipment works together to deliver the most efficient transfer of air. It's why it's essential to keep your regulator maintained. 

How Often Should I Service or Upgrade My Regulator?

Since your regulator operates as one of your most essential pieces of equipment for your dives, you want to do everything you can to ensure that it is in good working order. Typically, you'll want to have your regulator serviced every one to two years or the manufacturer's recommendations. However, if you are an active diver with 50-100 dives a year, an annual schedule might prove the most beneficial. Many little pieces make up the regulator, and if even one of those pieces fails, your entire setup won't function properly. 

If your regulators are getting past their prime, it's time to upgrade. Most manufacturers supply standard wear parts for their regulators for many years. But once the regulator is discontinued, they tend to stop making hard parts. Even though you can maintain the regulator, just remember that there may be no parts available to fix it if you break a hard part. With that said, the rule of thumb is about 15 years for most regulators.

What Kind of Regulator Should I Invest In?

When you are picking a regulator to upgrade to, you want to ensure that the product comes from a respected and proven manufacturer and can withstand the rigors of your diving. In the Scubadelphia Diveseekers inventory, we have scuba regulators and scuba regulator repair tools from some of the top brands on the market, including Apeks and Scubapro. 

Apeks Tek 3 Regulator Set Complete

This French-made product focuses on developing a first stage that works seamlessly with doubles. Divers experience a wealth of benefits from this design, including; minimized risk of accidental snagging, unobstructed hoses, and more direct access to manifold valves. 

Apeks XTX50 Regulator Din

When it comes to diving conditions, you want to have options with how your regulator is set up. The Apeks XTX50 regulator allows divers to choose from four ports for their optimal setup. You can route the hoses how you like them and prevent and sharp bending that can cause problems. Scubadelphia Diveseekers features a variety of Apeks regulators and parts to help keep your system in peak condition. 

ScubaPro MK25 EVO/A700 Regulator

With the MK25 EVO/A700 regulator, divers are guaranteed a reliable, low-effort delivery of air. It doesn't matter if you are breathing heavy, walking the ocean floor, or in frigid water; the MK25 EVO's first stage provides you with an excellent breathing response time. The instant delivery of air, excellent airflow, and enhanced sensitivity allow for comfortable cold water diving. The A700 second stage provides a brilliantly-designed metal casing, valve housing (barrel), and accents that work perfectly with the first stage to give the divers unparalleled breathing performance in their dives. 

Taking the time before your next dive to properly assess your equipment, cleaning your scuba masks, or determining if you need an upgrade is critical for all scuba divers. If you find that you need an updated regulator for your next dive adventure, check out the Scubadelphia Diveseekers inventory! Our inventory features some of the best brands in the world. We will have you ready for your next dive in no time!

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