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What You Should—And Shouldn’t—Do After A Successful Dive

You have your dive meticulously planned out by the second. However, in the rush to plan out the diving experience itself down to the second, don’t neglect to plan out what to do after you get back on the boat. With our essential post-dive guide, you can figure out how to make the most out of your next scuba diving trip! Regardless of if your plans involve swimming with sharks, dolphins or simply exploring the deep blue sea, your next scuba diving adventure is set to be one to remember.

Pack A Gear Bag

Whether you need easy access to a change of clothes or somewhere to store your gear on the way back to the mainland, getting suitable scuba gear bags can help you better prepare for after the dive. Scubadelphia Diveseekers offers gear bags from the best brands on the market in various sizes to accommodate all of your packing needs. You can find the right scuba dive bags and regulator bags in no time!

Having a change of clothes after diving in the potentially cold depths can help you fully recover from the temperature difference between being in and out of the water. You can find a selection of duffel bags for your change of clothes as well as dedicated scuba bags for your gear. 

Remember To Hydrate

Hydration remains an integral part of your post-dive routine, with dehydration being a significant factor in decompression sickness. Once you get out of the water, make it a priority to drink plenty of fluids, taking in enough water to help with your hydration levels. 

Eat A Good Meal

Most dive guides will tell you to avoid eating big meals before a dive. The extra food in your stomach can potentially cause problems before and during your dive. However, once you get back onto dry land, eating a big meal can help spur the recovery process onward. After having only eaten light snacks before and during your dive, a hearty meal can help you recover and feel full after a day spent diving on the open water. 

Get A Good Rest

Whether you plan on getting a full massage or plan to lay out on the beach, taking ample time to rest your weary muscles is an essential part of any successful post-dive plan. You spent the day organizing your diving equipment, keeping your scuba diving gear in check, and ensuring you have your water-resistant gear at the ready, and you deserve some time to rest and enjoy yourself away from the water. 

Planning out what you want to do post-dive also involves keeping a list of things to avoid. Keeping yourself organized and in check can help you avoid these missteps and ensure you have a successful post-dive journey back to your everyday life. 

Don’t Immediately Plan On Flying

Wait at least 24 hours before getting onto a plane and flying to your next destination. Flying can potentially cause complications while your body is still adjusting to normal air pressure. The extreme pressure change involved with air travel can lead to significant problems.

Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

An ice-cold beer after a dive is not recommended, no matter how tasty it sounds. Alcohol can affect the way your body naturally eliminates excess nitrogen in your blood. Additionally, alcohol dehydrates you and will undo all of the water you drank after your dive to stay hydrated. 

Keeping your post-dive activities planned and ready to go can make your whole diving experience a good one. Having the right mesh backpacks and scuba gear bags with a change of clothes and your scuba equipment can make the transition from sea to dry land go smoothly. Browse through Scubadelphia Diveseekers’ inventory to find the perfect gear bags, dive computers, and more for your next underwater journey today!