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Scuba diving requires the right tools for the job, which means ensuring that your equipment meets safety standards, is fully operational, and is best suited for the task at hand. For more tropical climates, a wetsuit, fins, a mask, and a tank might be all the tools you need for an enjoyable underwater adventure. However, once the water starts to get colder, and the environment becomes more adverse, you have to adjust your equipment accordingly. The first step towards getting you ready for a cold water dive is getting your drysuit. But what exactly is a drysuit, and why is it essential?


Drysuits are best used for dives happening in water that is colder than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Their design retains the person’s body heat as they dive into deeper and colder water while maintaining a layer of air between the user and the water. Heat conducts at a slower rate through air as opposed to water, and the drysuit can prolong that heat loss for longer periods. You can even utilize heated accessories and undergarments to keep their body heat consistent throughout the dive. A series of waterproof zippers and seals at the wrists and neck help keep the suit watertight so that the user can maintain a comfortable dive. 


With a more complex system in place to keep the user safe, there are additional considerations that drysuit users need to keep in mind during their trip. The air layer inside of a drysuit is caused by the inflating of the suit during the dive. Divers must keep an eye on this throughout their excursion, as properly regulating this layer of air during the descent and the ascent is critical in keeping yourself safe from start to finish. 


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