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When is the Best Time to Get My Scuba Gear Serviced?

Once you’ve completed your scuba diving lessons, received your certification, and have been operwater diving, questions about when to get your gear serviced become important. As you begin to wade further into the world of scuba diving, there are different parts of the year where you’ll experience downtime. With fall starting to bring water temperatures down, you may think it’s time to put your gear away until the spring. However, you can use this time to inspect your equipment and have any repairs done while you aren’t actively going on a dive.

Every diver is different when it comes to getting their gear serviced. Some opt for the cautious approach, while others will wait based on their past experiences. There isn’t one set approach to getting your gear inspected; it’s a matter of personal choice and dictated by your specific situation. 

You may have some questions about the timing of getting your gear serviced. Do specific parts need to be serviced before others? Where can I find replacement parts? Do I need to see a professional, or can I make the repairs myself? Scubadelphia Diveseekers is here to help give you the guidance you need!

How Often Should I Have My Parts Serviced?

Keeping your scuba gear well maintained will ensure each dive you go on goes as smoothly as possible. The frequency of your repairs and service will vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the frequency of your dives, length of the dives, the quality of the materials used, and hours logged. 

While the materials used in the manufacturing of scuba gear have improved over time, these parts still require regular maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend yearly servicing checks to ensure each piece of gear is working as intended, even if the parts are made from high-quality materials with an expected longer lifespan. 

Is There A Magic Number Of Dives I Should Wait For?

If you feel that yearly maintenance checks don’t work for your situation — you may not dive nearly as often as you would like — you still have some guidance on when to take your gear in for servicing. A standard recommendation for servicing your gear is to look into maintenance after every 80-100 dives. 

This timeline usually represents a length where the combination of dives, usage, and general wear come together to make it a good idea to get a closer look at the part’s overall condition. Your owners’ manual will also contain recommendations for how often they recommend you get the parts inspected. 

Can I Do The Repairs Myself?

Some divers will want to take their scuba diving gear into their own hands and handle the repairs on their own. Depending on the parts in question and your familiarity with them, you could do the repairs yourself, so long as you are comfortable performing these tasks properly. You can get things like scuba regulator repair tools from a trusted vendor, such as Scubadelphia. To ensure that your gear remains in good condition, getting a professional to do any servicing on your dive equipment will give you the right peace of mind. 

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