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Image Of - Dive Rite SPG Mini Tech 2" No hose or boot

Dive Rite SPG Mini Tech 2" No hose or boot

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Product Code: RG2762-NH
Manufacturer: Dive Rite
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Made In: Italy
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SPG Mini Tech 2" No hose or boot


A clean, black and white face means the Mini Tech SPG is easy-to-read. This naked gauge has a 2-inch diameter with a 1.75-inch face (RG2762-NH).

A Bourdon tube gauge, the Tech SPG is calibrated to 5000-psi in 100-psi increments for the highest level of accuracy. A tempered glass face is impact and scratch resistant, while the luminescent dial makes it easier to read in low light situations.

Comes standard as a naked SPG with a spool to attach a hose swivel to the gauge. A boot is available as a separate option, if desired. The Mini Tech SPG is suitable for oxygen service and is CE approved.

Hose lengths are dependent on diver preference and application. Here are some standard hose lenths as a starting point:

  • Single tank diving: 30-32″ hose
  • Backmount doubles: 24-26″, depending on height of diver
  • Sidemount tanks: 6-9″ hose length, depending on diver preference