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Fourthelement Wrist Warmer

Fourthelement Wrist Warmer

Product Code: XT250WXS
Manufacturer: fourthelement
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The xerotherm wrist warmer is designed to be used with drygloves, and bridges the gap between a diver's undersuit and dry glove liner. The wrist warmer sits below the drysuit seal, and allows air to equalize with the dryglove, preventing squeeze. In the case of a glove failure, the fabric is not too thick, meaning that water will not "flood" through the seal. The double layer of xerotherm fabric on the inside of the wrist provides enhanced protection for an area where blood flows close to the skin surface. Hands will therefore stay warmer for longer.


fourth element WRIST WARMERS

* Warm Even When Wet
* Ideal for pre/post Dive
* One Size Fits All

Available In:
Medium, Large, X-Large

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