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Image Of - Atomic Aquatics M1 Exhaust Deflector Kit Gray

Atomic Aquatics M1 Exhaust Deflector Kit Gray

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Product Code: 02-0087-3P
Manufacturer: Atomic Aquatics
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Made In: USA
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Atomic Aquatics Exhaust Deflector

Since the dawn of diving, divers have sought ways to keep exhaust bubbles away from their field of view. Different designs have offered different solutions. But Atomic Aquatics's latest design, first introduced with the M1, offers a different and effective solution to bubble interference.

This new design, one of several Atomic Aquatics innovations first introduced with the popular M1 model, is constructed from two-tone molded material specially-engineered to steer bubbles away from a diver's face. Extended areas on both sides provide a wider area of dispersal - perfect for allowing a diver to truly enjoy their dives.