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$59 – Give Scuba diving a try!  Not sure if diving is for you?  Discover Scuba gives you the chance to try out diving before making the decision to sign up for Open Water class.  Check our schedule for available dates and times.  The best part is if you enjoy your experience we will deduct the $59 from your full certification tuition.


Interested in getting Scuba certified?  The Open Water class will get you just that!

Open Water

Our Open Water Certification course consists of 3 components:


    • Classroom learning requires you to pick up your books, DVDs and paperwork a few days before the scheduled class.
    • Elearning requires you to click the link below to sign up or contact us for an access code to be simply emailed to you.  You will also need to fill out paperwork before heading to the pool.  Always remember to add Scubadelphia as your dive center.

    • Two to three required to cover 40 skills. These do not need to be consecutive dates.
    • Depending on the time of year, these sessions are either on Saturday or Sunday. Check our schedule for information.
    • You will need your own quality mask, snorkel, scuba diving fins and booties for this course. – approx. $200.00

    • Four dives need to be completed in open water for certification.  They are done locally at Dutch Springs, May through October, over a Saturday and Sunday. – $275.00
    • A referral can be given to do these dives with a different PADI shop in a different location. – FREE
    • The dives can also be done on a Scubadelphia dive trip.  Check our trips page for more information. – $175.00 in addition to the cost of the trip


  • Local training in Philadelphia at a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center.
  • Younger, friendly, professional, experienced staff.  Most are Master Scuba Diver Trainers.
  • Competitive pricing and flexible scheduling.
  • Classes start EVERY week.
  • We can certify you from beginner through professional instructor and technical diver levels.
  • Small class size 4:1 student to instructor ratio plus support from dive masters and assistants
  • Certification in 3-4 weeks instead of 8-12 weeks.  We know your time is valuable.
  • You will complete 4 certification dives to get certified – 2 more dives are offered at no charge!
  • Free DAN (Divers Alert Network) insurance during your training.
  • Same low price for traditional classroom or elearning.
  • Highest quality rental fleet in the area.
  • Philadelphia Seahorses Dive Club allows you to meet local divers.
  • Obie and Owen will greet you at the door!


  • Don’t procrastinate!  Making a safe and competent diver takes more than 1 pool session.
  • Sign up for class a couple of weeks before you intend to start.
  • Budget approximately $950 start to finish for your certification.  This is the approximate total for theory tuition+equipment purchases+open water certification dives+PADI fees+Dutch entry fees. Not everything needs to be paid for at once.  If another dive center is significantly lower priced there might be a problem.
  • We can certify divers as young as 10 years old.  We can also show you how to care for your child diver in the water.
  • You must fill out the required paperwork before you get in the pool, including the PADI medical statement.  You can find it all by clicking here.
  • Private classes are available and offered at an additional cost.
  • The knowledge development portion of this course is offered in several languages.
  • Dive instructors should be fun, experienced & dive locally.  Our staff are enthusiastic divers.
  • No egos at Scubadelphia.  You are our customer and friend and we want to dive with you.
  • Visit the dive center to pick up quality gear that’s fitted to you for your safety and comfort.  Equipment bought from an online retailer should not be trusted at depth.  It may not be appropriate for your training environment.  Having the right gear will make you a successful diver.  Let our professionals guide you!  You will receive a 10% discount on your gear purchase.
  • New Diver Info Here! This 6 minute video will show you what to expect when taking our open water course.

Click the image below or contact us to sign up for PADI Elearning!