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Image Of - Aerospace Lubricants TRIBOLUBE KO2 4 oz pump bottle

Aerospace Lubricants TRIBOLUBE KO2 4 oz pump bottle

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Product Code: ASL-PN3021
Manufacturer: Aerospace Lubricants Inc.
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Aerospace Lubricants Tribolube KO² solvent cleaner is designed for the removal of PFPE lubricants used in open and closed circuit diving systems. This solvent should be used in conjunction with your standard oxygen cleaning system process.
Tribolube KO² Perfluoropolyether Solvent
solvent is a low molecular weight Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) designed
for use as a solvent for Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) greases. Tribolube
KO² is formulated to be compatible and completely miscible with all
PFPE fluids in a wide range of temperatures. In addition to being used
as an excellent solvent, Tribolube KO² can also act as a diluent in the
application of more viscous PFPE fluids and greases. Tribolube KO² is
LOX/GOX compatible and safe for use in oxygen service applications.


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