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Image Of - Aerospace Lubricants Tribolube Scuba Conditioner 4oz

Aerospace Lubricants Tribolube Scuba Conditioner 4oz

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Product Code: ASL-PN3040
Manufacturer: Aerospace Lubricants Inc.
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Tribolube Scuba Conditioner 4oz


Tribolube SC is a great Latex seal solution.  Spray this on your latex wrist or neck seal, rub it in, and rejuvenate your seals for years of extended use.  Stop dry rot and early degradation of your seals by using Tribolube SC on your suits seals.

TRIBOLUBE® SC is a conditioner suitable for use on the internal and external surfaces of dry suit seals, rubber products, neoprene, and latex material. It will extend the life of your equipment, and protect your investment. It stops oxidation, deterioration, dry rot, and corrosion caused by exposure to salt water. TRIBOLUBE® SC is ideal for all dry suit seals, wet suits, gloves, zippers, hoses, tubing, and any dive gear that can dry out and become brittle.

Comes in a 4oz pump bottle