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Image Of - Analox O2EII pro Nitrox Analyzer

Analox O2EII pro Nitrox Analyzer

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Product Code: SA1N01BG96N008
Manufacturer: Analox
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Oxygen sensors contain corrosive material, No international shipping

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Nitrox analyzer for sport diving
As a nitrox diver, confidence in your mix is vital to an enjoyable, trouble free dive.

Most diving associations stipulate in their training that you should
never dive nitrox without being absolutely sure what your mix is, and
therefore the use of a Nitrox Analyzer (also known as an Oxygen
Analyzer) is essential.

Analox has worked in the diving industry for over 25 years and we
are specialists in designing analyzers to help look after the air you



The O2EII Pro comes with the following additions:

  • Hose Barb
  • New packaging
  • New colour theme

The addition of the Hose Barb now allows the unit to be used while checking air quality at the tank or while the user is connected to their first stage regulator (via their BCD's low-pressure inflator).

The O2EII Pro is a highly accurate device and a must have for any scuba diver, the unit comes with a 3 year graded sensor warranty and has an expected sensor life of 4 to 5 years in air.


In order to plan for a safe dive, you need to know the concentration of oxygen within your dive gas mix.

Monitoring the oxygen levels within your gas mix will determine your entire dive plan allowing you to plan the depth, time and decompression stages allowing for a carefree dive.

The Hose Barb will save you time and allow for ease of use when checking your mix while your tank is connected to your first stage regulator (via your BCD's low-pressure inflator).

Please note a BCD low-pressure inflator flow restrictor is required. Check with your BCD manufacturer for the correct model.


The O2EII Pro is small, lightweight and rugged. It can be used to check the quality of your diving gas mix directly at the tank or through your BCD adaptor while in your harness.

With the unit, Analox provides an oxygen compensation chart, which enables the unit to be used in all environments around the globe. This enables the user to correct the unit based on temperature and humidity.