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Aqua Lung 5mm Thermocline K Gloves

Aqua Lung 5mm Thermocline K Gloves

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These ultra-rugged, warm, and highly ergonomic gloves give you protection and range of motion without expending extra energy on grip. With ballistic-strength nylon fiber on the palms, they provide optimal abrasion protection in harsher conditions and during high-adrenaline activities.

Rugged and Durable
Toughest in the line: palms, fingers, and fingertip backs are made of durable, ballistic-strength nylon fiber for the highest level of abrasion protection.

Textured Grip
Keep a firm hold on your knife and other gear: the textured surface of the palms, fingers, and fingertip backs helps you maintain grip and make underwater adjustments without fumbling.

Sculpted Cut
Responsive range of motion: fingers have a gentle, natural flexion to eliminate fatigue, facilitate gripping, and reduce bunching material on the inside of the hands, so you can act quickly without straining against thicker material. Ribbed back helps gloves retain their shape.

Triple-glued and blind-stitched seams prevent water exchange, and an elastic hem minimizes water exchange. Choose from 3mm or 5mm neoprene thicknesses, depending on your travel needs.

Cinch closure at the wrist lets you adjust the glove to your specific size and further minimizes water exchange.

Smart Packaging
Comes in a reusable mesh bag for easy drying and storage.

Thickness 5mm
Wrist Closure Yes
Neoprene Standard Neoprene
Palm and/or Finger Coating Ballistic strength synthetic fiber
Seams Glued and blind-stitched


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