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Image Of - Dive Charter to the wreck of the Coney Island Septmeber 17, 2022

Dive Charter to the wreck of the Coney Island August 17, 2024

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Product Code: NJW-081724
We currently have 6 space(s) available.
Manufacturer: Gypsy Blood

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  • Date: August 17, 2024
  • Depth: 80'-130'
  • Dive Boat: Gypsy Blood
  • Max Divers: 14
  • 2 Dives
  • Departing from (Use for GPS) 1 Saint Louis Ave, Point Pleasant Beach NJ 08742
  • Departure Time: 7:00am sharp

Our website keeps track of the available spots, If you can add it to the cart there is a spot available.
They are first come first serve. Putting it in your cart does not hold the space. You must fully checkout.

Scubadelphia is limited to a specific amount divers per charter. Charters do fill up quickly, first come first serve policy. Reservations require full payment for your charter.

Once you reserve a space you are responsible for the full price of the charter, unless the space can be filled.

* Divers must be Advanced Open Water Certified & must carry a redundant air source.
* Cold water experience required
* Solo Diving is permitted for Recreational Diving only if you hold the proper certification.

Special Note To Divers - Times listed are actual departure times. Hint Hint, to reduce unnecessary stress and anxiety before diving, arrive a half-hour to forty-five minutes prior to departure. If not, the boat will leave without you! Enjoy your dives!!!!


Sunk 9-10-1987 Shark River Artificial reef NJ. The Coney Island was built in 1938. She was 250 feet long and had a 40 foot beam. She was used to haul New York City sewage sludge to ocean disposal sites. Sunk intact with explosives. She now sits upright in121 feet of water. Remember penetration into any shipwreck should only be done by those with proper training, experience and wreck diving equipment.