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Image Of - Halcyon Eclipse MC Systems
Image Of - Halcyon Eclipse MC Systems
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Halcyon Eclipse MC Systems

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Product Code: 10.128.020
Manufacturer: Halcyon
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Made In: USA
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The Eclipse System is a low profile, exploration-grade back plate & wing that leaves all other single tank designs in its shadow. Streamlined and Ruggedness are other examples of Halcyon taking the game to the next level.
Product may vary with chosen options.


The Halcyon Eclipse buoyancy compensator is establishing a new standard for single-tank diving, while creating unprecedented streamlining, and eliminating the many useless “features” that clutter traditional buoyancy compensators. The Eclipse wing has a long, narrow profile that supports the diver’s single tank along his or her entire length, preventing unnecessary drag, and minimizing in-water effort. Meanwhile, the infinitely adjustable harness prevents the frustrating lack of control found with typical buoyancy compensators. This added stability reduces drag by encouraging a streamlined position — these changes result in less effort and more diving fun.

Key Components of the Eclipse BC System

Eclipse Buoyancy Compensator (wing); available in either 20 lb, 30 lb or 40 lb lift capacity
Choice of Aluminum or Stainless Steel Backplate; in standard size
Complete Secure Harness; infinitely adjustable and designed to fit you perfectly
Halcyon Storage Pak for convenient stowage of lift devices
Stainless steel Single-Tank Adapter with two cam straps; accommodates a optional weighted insert
All Eclipse wings are CE-certified for sale in the European Community

Eclipse BC SYSTEMS Include:

Eclipse BC, Choice of Lift Capacity Inflator & 22‰" LP Hose
Stainless Steel or Aluminum Backplate
MC Storage Pak 
Single Tank Adpater, Choice of Weighted or Non-Weighted 
Without 10 lb ACB ditch able weight pockets

The Eclipse MC System comes standard with Blue H webbing.