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Halcyon Element Plus System (disc)

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Product Code: 10.319.060
Manufacturer: Halcyon
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Made In: USA
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Updated version of the Evolve MC System, with a cinch carbon fiber backplate.


Halcyon's new Element Plus BC System has arrived and sets a new standard for light-weight design! The Element features a carbon fiber backplate weighing only a little over 1/2 a pound! This light-weight system is perfect for the traveling diver! Two different lift capacities allow easy pairing with small doubles or large, heavy steel tanks. Whether swimming or scootering, the Element cuts through the water with less drag and greater efficiency, encouraging less effort and more diving enjoyment.

Enjoy everything you love about your Evolve Cinch System in a light-weight design ready to go anywhere you go!

Key Features:

  • Evolve Wing (40 or 60-lb (18-kg or 27-kg) lift capacity)
  • Carbon Fiber + Blackplate with Built-In Cinch and STA Technology and weighing just over 1/2 a pound! (just over 0.2-kg)
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Cinch Quick-Adjust Harness; infinite adjustability with a simple push or pull of the webbing
  • Halcyon Storage Pak for convenient stowage of lift devices
  • All Evolve & Explorer wings are CE-certified for sale in the European Community


  • Evolve Wing
  • Carbon Fiber + Backplate with Secure Harness, Cinch, and STA
  • MC Storage Pack
  • Inflator and 22" LP hose
  • Cinch Quick-Adjust Harness
  • ACB pocket adapters
  • D-ring and light retainer assemblies
  • Doubles bolt extender
  • SS bolt kit and fasteners
  • Quick-adjust crotch strap

Comes standard with Blue H webbing.

The Element Plus System can be ordered with a custom wing color of your choice of available options.