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Halcyon Pathfinder 400 primary reel, #24 line
Halcyon Pathfinder 400 primary reel, #24 line
Halcyon Pathfinder 400 primary reel, #24 line
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Halcyon Pathfinder 400 primary reel, #24 line

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Product Code: 30.010.400
Manufacturer: Halcyon
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Pathfinder 400 primary reel, #24 line, SS double-end clip



Pathfinder reels are designed for the demands of wrecks and long caves and have a long-standing reputation for excellence in quality and design. Halcyon Pathfinder reels result from thousands of hours in recreational, technical, and cave diving environments and have consistently proven their reliability with a unique and trouble-free design.


Key Features of the Pathfinder Reel

  • The handle is machined from aluminum and hard-coat finished for durability and proper weighting.
  • Entanglement risk is nearly eliminated with a precision-fit handle while allowing easy access to the spool.
  • Knurled lock-down screw allows easy operation in cold water.
  • Stainless steel double-ended bolt snap for easy attachment
  • Pathfinder reels come with #24 braided nylon line and are available in the following sizes: 400’ (122 m) and 800’ (244 m)

Pathfinder Reels — Important Information and Uses

The Halcyon Pathfinder 400 is not just any reel. This primary reel is equipped with a #24 line, robust enough to handle the unexpected and assist in marking your journey back to safety or discovering new territories. Whether mapping out a wreck or laying a line in a cavern, the Pathfinder 400 is a trusted tool for casual explorers and serious tech divers. Get yours today from Scubadelphia Diveseekers.

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What to Know About Dive Reels

Dive reels are pretty much essential. The Halcyon Pathfinder 400, with its #24 line, represents the pinnacle of reliability. A reel's purpose includes basic navigation and acting as a lifeline in complex underwater navigation. It's important for safety stops, decompression stops, and events where visibility takes a turn for the worse. The Pathfinder 400 makes sure you're always a tug away from the right direction. This safety device can make all the difference in your diving adventure.

Choosing the Perfect Dive Reel

Looking to choose the perfect dive reel? Here are some things you need to consider:

  • Assess the dives you're planning to understand if compact finger spools or larger reels are better for your activity, focusing on how they'll be deployed in environments like caves or open water.
  • Choose line thickness and length considering the distance from the buoy and depth you plan to explore; thicker lines may be easier to manage near the surface.
  • Prioritize reels and spools designed for durability to withstand saltwater conditions, ensuring they remain functional from surface to depth.
  • Look for ease of use in deploying the reel and winding it back, especially in scenarios where quick action near the surface or around a buoy is necessary.
  • Select high-visibility line colors for your spools to enhance underwater orientation towards the buoy or surface in low-light conditions.
  • Ensure the reel has a reliable locking mechanism to prevent accidental line release when deploying or managing the reel.
  • Consider the weight and size of the reel for easy carry and deployment, ensuring it doesn't hinder movement at the surface or underwater.
  • Opt for reels with simple maintenance requirements to guarantee readiness for deployment in any situation, from buoy navigation to deep exploration.

Selecting the right dive reel can feel like finding a needle in a vast ocean. But here’s why the Halcyon Pathfinder 400 is a treasure among sea-faring souls. Its durability is unmatched, designed to withstand the pressures of deep dives and the corrosive touch of the sea. The #24 line it boasts is not only strong but also sufficiently long for a variety of underwater adventures. The Pathfinder 400 proves itself a great choice that is stronger, sturdier, and versatile enough for virtually any underwater escapade.

How Much Line Do You Need?

The question of how much line you need boils down to your diving destinations. The Halcyon Pathfinder 400 comes pre-equipped with a #24 line that strikes a perfect balance between length and strength. This reel offers ample lines to explore and return safely without a hitch for most recreational dives. For the more ambitious individuals venturing into tech diving, this reel is a sturdy guide through intricate passageways of the ocean. You certainly want to have enough lines to explore confidently and return securely, and the Pathfinder 400 ticks all those boxes.

Learn to Use Your Dive Reel With Our Diver Training Programs

At Scubadelphia Diveseekers, we offer training programs designed to elevate your underwater game. Our trainings are designed for beginners just dipping their toes in the water, certified divers looking to broaden their horizons, and even advanced training courses for professionals seeking to refine their skills. Our courses include elements like basic reel usage in open-water scenarios and advanced navigational techniques in more challenging environments. Schedule your training program today.

Get Your Pathfinder 400 Dive Reel Today!

The Halcyon Pathfinder 400 is an extension of the diver’s spirit. It represents freedom, safety, and the thrill of discovery. With the Pathfinder 400 by your side, you’re ready to unlock the secrets of the deep with confidence and control. And there’s no better place to secure this trusty companion than at Scubadelphia Diveseekers. 

We lead the way in the scuba diving industry in and around Philadelphia with products like the Pathfinder 400 and via our commitment to enriching the diver’s experience. Our training programs and selection of high-quality gear ensure that every diver, irrespective of their level, has access to the best. Whether you are charting unknown territories or revisiting your favorite underwater spots, make every dive count with the Halcyon Pathfinder 400 primary reel, #24 line. Get yours today.