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Photo of - Shearwater Peregrine Adventures Dive Computer Light - Scubadelphia
Photo of - Shearwater Peregrine Adventures Dive Computer Light - Scubadelphia
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Photo of - Shearwater Peregrine Adventures Dive Computer Light - Scubadelphia
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Photo of - Shearwater Peregrine Adventures Dive Computer Light - Scubadelphia

Shearwater Peregrine Adventures Dive Computer Light

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Product Code: 16001-01
Manufacturer: Shearwater Research
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Made In: Canada
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Adventures Edition of the popular Peregrine Dive Computer, featuring two stunning colorways. Two contrasting Light and Dark Edition options draw inspiration from the vivid and diverse underwater worlds, embodying the spirit of adventure.

The Adventures Edition Light Peregrine captures the essence of coral reef diving in pristine, translucent coral seas, showcasing white, silver foam colors, and ocean teal accents.

Each is presented in Edition Light & Dark color-coded ballistic nylon cases, ideal for packing the Peregrine in a gear bag when heading out for the next dive adventure.

The new wetsuit length strap keeps the Peregrine streamlined on a wrist in warmer waters. Accent color set of strap retainers and an additional strap color-matched set are included for customization. Striking colored shock cords keep things tight for drysuit divers or those who prefer a minimalist style.

Polished stainless steel buttons are tactile, easy to use with or without gloves, and match the strap buckles.

The Peregrine logo flash is transformed to white, complimenting the inner bezel and framing our signature bright, easy-to-read display.

The Peregrine dive computer from Shearwater research is the newest offering from the leader in dive computers
This robust dive computer is specifically designed for recreational divers of all levels.

Its simple 2-button interface and easy to navigate menu structure allows for intuitive and quick operation underwater. The Peregrine features a large, high resolution LCD screen is both easy to read, and power efficient. The Peregrine operates on any rechargeable battery. Bluetooth integration offers download and upload capability from Mac, PC, and iOS devices.

All Shearwater dive computers use Buhlmann ZHL-16C as the decompression algorithm. User adjustable conservatism may be achieved by manipulation of gradient factors settings in the computer’s settings. 

The 2.2" Color LCD display is easy to read, with high contrast, and automatic screen brightness. The display may be customized with user-defined font colors, and may be inverted for those who wish to wear the Peregrine on their opposite arm. Several layouts may be selected from, and fonts may be customized for size and color. 

The user interface is simple to use with adaptive menus. Commands are entered with piezoelectric buttons. Warnings are clear and concise using color-coded fonts. 
No confusing icons are used; rather the Peregrine navigation is done with plain-language. Divers have a choice of metric, or imperial units. 

Key Features

Dive Modes 
Air, Nitrox up to 40%, 3 Nitrox up to 100%, and Gauge mode


Screen Resolution
320x240 QVGA

Display Type
Full Color LED LCD

Display Size

Computer Dimensions
77mm x 68mm x 25mm (3.09 x 2.67 x 0.98)

Weight (computer only)
122g (0.27 lbs)

Battery Type
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Battery Life
Up to 30 hours (medium brightness)

Dive Log Capacity
Approximately 200 Hours

Depth Rating

Vibration Only

Air Integration
Not Available, can not be added 

Does not have digital compass technology

NDL Planner

Deco Planner

Firmware Updates
User installable

Multiple Languages
English, French, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Wrist Straps
26mm Black Silicone & Shock cord options