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Photo of - Trident SCUBAPRO-MARES AIR ADAPTER - Scubadelphia


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Product Code: AA05
Manufacturer: Trident
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Pneumatic Tool Adapter, 1/4 Inch NPT Thread allows for connection of a SCUBA inflator hose to a standard NPT air hose. In addition, with this adapter you can substitute a SCUBA tank for a low-pressure air compressor when working with pneumatic tools or low pressure air line. This standard low pressure adapter fits many pneumatic tools as-is, and if necessary an air chuck can be added for additional couplings. A handy, versatile item to keep on hand.


  • Allows for connection of Scubapro inflator hose to a standard NPT air hose
  • Allows SCUBA tank to substitute for low-pressure air compressor with pneumatic tools
  • Fits many standard tools as-is, add an air chuck for additional couplings
  • 1/4 Inch NPT thread
  • Handy, multi-purpose item to keep on hand